Strength And Conditioning In Southampton

Improve Your Fitness, Speed, And Agility In Our Strength And Conditioning Classes

Change the way you train with our Strength and Conditioning Classes at Sion BJJ. We're helping men and women across Southampton see sustainable results with a system based on high-intensity interval training. 

These workouts combine bodyweight movements, strength building exercises, and plyometric training to push your body like never before. And the best part is, everything is scalable. People of all fitness levels can thrive with us. 

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How Does Our Strength And Conditioning System Work?

We aim to get the very most out of your body with workouts that keep your muscles guessing and your heart racing. Our Strength and Conditioning Classes rely on high-intensity bursts of activity followed by short periods of downtime. 

Each workout combines:

  • Bodyweight movements
  • Battle ropes
  • Barbells and dumbells
  • Medicine balls
  • Jump ropes

Each class begins with a dynamic workout and ends with a stretching session. Our goal is to help you get most out of your body and that begins with keeping you healthy and motivated week in and week out.

From Day One, You'll Take On A System Built On Results

No one is saying it will be easy. You won't walk out on day one with a six pack or ripped muscles. But from the very beginning of your journey at Sion BJJ, you'll feel challenged and energized like never before.

Our Strength and Conditioning classes are always changing to keep you on your toes, helping you avoid the trap of a dull routine and push through any threat of a plateau. 

Join us in Southampton and take on:

  • Total-body muscle toning
  • Improved athletic ability
  • Boosted cardiovascular health
  • Incredible self-confidence

Take Your Training To The Next Level With Our Strength And Conditioning Classes In Southampton!

Whether you're at the start of your fitness journey, our you're hoping to push your body even harder, we're here to make it happen. Join us at Sion BJJ and take on the best Strength And Conditioning Classes in Southampton.

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